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Last Global Change 2005/06/13

Overview Information
Project Description The Clados Project has the aim to create and maintain an open source library capable of supporting the use of geometric algebra in computer applications designed to simulate physical events and environments.

Application Architecture and Planning Documentation
All Project files are in the CVS repository.

Browse through them or check out a working copy if you know how to use CVS.

Published documentation can be found in the Doc Manager within the project.  Related Kuro5hin articles are reprinted  there too.  Documentation that does not face the user directly may be found within the repository mostly under the docs directory.  

Once a group of documents has reached a moderately evolved state, they will be released using the same file release feature a project such as ours uses to release the actual software and source code.

Source and Documentation
Clados Source and Documentation tarball
Updated Daily (automated)
A clados CVS tar ball and all the bugs that active code tends to have.
Related Information and Sites
Clifford algebra information to help out...
The Clifford Algebra Society
The Cambridge Geometric Algebra Research Group
Wikipedia articles
A Google Search

Project News

New Package -
Work is underway to develop a Viewer Utility to enable users and developers to look into the inner workings and see how things work out. This should also help anyone trying to debug their code, because they will have an external check on their math.

New Work -
Work is underway again to modernize and refactor the Monad class and trim it of some of its excess baggage. 

Quite Mode -
Project in Maintenance mode until SailAway needs Dyad.